Secret Narrandera to Tocumwal Rail Report Now Published

15 November, 2021
Secret Narrandera to Tocumwal Rail Report Now Published  Image

After a two year fight, we have finally secured the public release of a regional rail report the National party had kept secret since 2018.

In 2017, before a by-election, the Nationals promised the re-activation of the Narrandera to Tocumwal rail line – a crucial food bowl line that could re-vitalise the region.

The Nationals spent $500,000 of YOUR tax dollars on a feasibility report on re-opening the rail route.
But after the by-election, Cootamundra Nationals MP Steph Cooke and her party abandoned the project and kept the report on re-opening the rail line secret.
Narrandera Councillor Wes Hall called for the public release of the report. He was sacked as the Council's rail rep and later resigned from Council over the matter. 
I was determined to let the public see this secret report. 
My SFF colleague Mark Banasiak and I pushed for its release through an order of parliament.
The NSW Government kept mounting legal challenges to block the release.
But we never gave up, and fought back - building the case for transparency.
The National Party were so determined to keep the report secret, the NSW Parliament had to bring in an Independent Arbiter, the Hon Keith Mason QC, to decide the case. 
Finally, we won and the Arbiter ruled in our favour. 

Thanks to the Narrandera Argus, Friendlyjordies and Prime7 News Wagga - who helped push this cause in the media.


Feel free to distribute this far and wide. 

The next step is to join together with Councils, other MPs, rail advocates and businesses to pressure the NSW Government to revive this project and make good on the 2017 election promise they've broken. 

If you'd like to join our fight or sent me your thoughts on this report, please email me on [email protected] 

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