Petition to Improve Griffith Schools

15 December, 2020
Petition to Improve Griffith Schools  Image
For some bizarre reason, the NSW Government have decided Griffith teachers should be paid LESS than those in surrounding areas.
As a result, schools across the town are struggling to attract and retain teacher.
More than 20 teachers have quit Murrumbidgee Regional High School in 2020, where the NSW Department of Education's cut-priced, poorly-planned merger has been a disaster.
Our children are suffering as a result, missing key lessons and falling behind in their studies.
Hardworking staff at our schools are doing their best, but it’s tough when the NSW Government has set them up to fail.
Even if you don't have children at the school, this affects all of us.
If we let Griffith's only public high school decline, the town will deteriorate. 
Concerned parents have put together an online petition to improve Griffith schools. 
The petition demands the NSW Government pay Griffith teachers the same incentives as other towns in the region.
It also asks to place a principal at each site.
If we get 20,000 signatures, the issue will be debated in NSW Parliament. The NSW Government will then find it hard to ignore. 
If you agree, please sign this online petition for change. Any NSW resident can sign it. 
It only takes two minutes.

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