Murrumbidgee aged care residents still waiting for Covid-19 vaccine

9 April, 2021
Murrumbidgee aged care residents still waiting for Covid-19 vaccine  Image

Aged care residents across the Murrrumbidgee are still waiting for Covid-19 vaccinations several weeks after they should have been administered to them, according to local doctors.

Helen Dalton, state MP for Murray, said she’s received complaints from a Barham resident and a prominent Griffith doctor. 


Dr Elizabeth Dodd, a GP in Griffith, says it’s very concerning that people outside aged care facilities are already getting vaccinations, while our most vulnerable residents are still waiting.


“The program to provide Covid-19 vaccination to people in aged care in the Western Murrumbidgee is an abject failure, as people in the lower priority group are getting their vaccines first,” Dr Dodd wrote in a letter to Mrs Dalton


“There is no sign of any action in the Western Murrumbidgee, and worse than that, there is no information provided. None is available on request either by phone or email.”


Murrumbidgee Primary Health Network, a federal government bureaucracy, is responsible for highest priority vaccine rollout – “1a” – which includes aged are residents and workers.


“Dr Dodd did the paperwork for my father Glen – an 88-year-old Pioneer Lodge resident – to get the vaccine a full six weeks ago,” Mrs Dalton said


“But my Dad is still waiting. Dr Dodd has not received any information back from the Government. It’s a complete farce.”


“Meanwhile, lower priority [1b] residents are already getting vaccinated.”


Barham resident Susan Harrington has contacted Mrs Dalton regarding her concerns. Ms Harrington is 71 years old and has received the vaccination in the 1b stage of the rollout via her local GP.


However, her husband is currently in Murray Haven nursing home and has not received the vaccination despite being included in the 1a stage of vaccination rollout.


“Susan is concerned that the aged care rollout has been sidelined and worried for the health of her husband and the risk that leaving nursing homes unvaccinated poses,” Mrs Dalton said


“It seems our local GPs are doing a fabulous job while our federal government has failed us.”


Mrs Dalton said she has written to the federal bureaucrats asking for an explanation for the botched aged care rollout and urged them to communicate with local health care providers.



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