I am a third-generation farmer, retired school teacher and mother of four raised on a wheat sheep property near the small country NSW town of Rankins Springs [population: 170].

Along with my husband Nayce and son Campbell we own and operate our own family farm business near Griffith, in South-West NSW. We produce many of the products you enjoy like: rice, maize, cereals, beef cattle, cotton, wool and fat lambs.

For around half my childhood we relied on a 32-volt generator (as we had no electricity) and until the early 80s we had no stock and domestic water supply or automatic telephone. It pains me that some 35 years later, so many families in my part of the world still suffer a lack of access to water, third world communication facilities and limited access to basic public services.

This is what inspired me to run for NSW Parliament. I’m sick of seeing rural hospitals, schools, and infrastructure downgraded; and much of our productive water sent down the river.

My mission is to reverse the decline of rural NSW, end water corruption, save family farms from being swallowed by big multinationals and stop the flow of our tax dollars to wasteful Sydney projects.

I first ran for Parliament in 2015 and then in 2017, losing the seat of Murray both times.

The March 2019 election proved third time lucky. Going into the election as a 9 to 1 outsider, I won Murray with a swing of 26 per cent, breaking the National Party’s 35-year hold on the region.

I’m very grateful to the army of forgotten Australians — farmers, housewives, teachers, nurses, hunters, tradesmen and shopkeepers — who supported my campaign and got me elected.

Not being in a major party, I have the freedom to speak my mind in Parliament and to always vote in the interests of my region.

Family farms in Australia are in danger of becoming extinct due to bad government policies. This would be a disaster for our nation. We want our land and water owned and managed by local Australian families. We want to grow our own food rather than importing it. We want to see our children choosing to stay in vibrant, well-serviced small towns; rather than moving to big cities. That’s what I’ll be fighting for over the next four years.